Due to the predicted bad weather, our George Washington Party has been postponed to a later date that is still to be determined.

Latest News

The Masonic Service for WB Mike Miller was delivered by WB Galen Jansen with 18 Jeptha Lodge Brothers present.
Duties were set for our Annual George Washington Party, which will be held on Sunday, February 24, at 2:00 PM.
Duane Van Noort, Brian Sohl, Randy Smith, and Ric Porter will deliver Valentine Roses to area Masonic widows.
An “SOS letter” to try to encourage better meeting attendance was reviewed and approved.
Brother Wayne Spies was recognized for the fine Masonic website he maintains for Jeptha Lodge. It has helped delivered news and preserve our Lodge history for more than 20 years.
Education Officer Joe West gave “An Explanation of the Degrees” from The Master Mason Book from the Grand Lodge of Florida.

Brother Allen Eide and his wife Elaine aerved as greeters for the 2019 Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, recently held in Rapid City.

Dear Brothers,
At the last couple Lodge meetings there has been a lot of discussion on attendance and what we can do to increase it. I was asked to put these thoughts into words.
Contributing to this trouble is the fact that”The Greatest Generation", the one that got most of us involved with Masonry, is nearly gone or unable to participate as they would like. At the same time, this is a busy life and many regulars have become part-timers, some part-timers come less, and others have disappeared almost entirely.
We say this NOT to point fingers. We just plain miss seeing many Brothers. It is simply not as much fun doing our numerous activities seeing the same faces and having the same Brothers doing the same tasks year after year.
Obviously there are things that need to be tweaked and we have been trying. This is another reason we need more and fresh input.
To close, it can be hard to head to a meeting after dark and after a day at work. As one of the few organizations left, the Hudson area needs us. For that matter, the country and the world need men like us. The couple nights each month is not meant to take us away from our families. It is to help make us better when we are with them.
Our next meeting is Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 PM.
Fraternally and More,  
Dave Hansen, Sec.  


How Do I Join?

Freemasonry is available to men of good character who believe in a Supreme Being. We are closed to avowed atheists and agnostics. There are no restrictions relating to race, creed, or religion.

To begin, contact a Mason by telephone, by e-mail, or in person. He will be happy to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can.

If you decide that Masonry is right for you, the next step is to request a Petition for Degrees of Masonry, which will ask for some basic information, such as your name, age, occupation, and place of residence.

Your sponsor will present your petition to the Lodge, which will consider your request. When your petition is accepted, you will face a three-step initiation. Each step opens doors to new knowledge and deeper understanding.

These initiation rites are solemn and wholesome, intended to convey basic moral truths and principles of morality that are accepted by good men everywhere: the Golden Rule, tolerance, gratitude to the Almighty for His many blessings, love of and respect for one’s family, charity towards all men, and patriotism. Upon taking part in the the first step, called the Entered Apprentice degree, you will advance to the second degree, known as the Fellowcraft, and, ultimately, raised to the Master Mason degree.