Brother Vondracek Honored

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, members of Hartford Lodge #136 were pleased to present Brother Felix Vondracek his 60-Year Pin and convey the congratulations of our Grand Master DaNiel Wood. The presentation took place at the Millstone restaurant in Milbank. Attending were, from left to right: DeEtta Vondracek, JW Felix Vondracek, WM Pat Gibson, SD Charles Wilsey, Treasurer PM Donald Wendt.


Joan Knutson and SDCHIP

Miss Joan Knutson of Bethel 12 in Sturgis, a Past Miss South Dakota Job’s Daughter 2017-2018 has a passion for the South Dakota Child Identification Program. Her special project for her term as Miss South Dakota Job’s Daughter was to raise money for this important endeavor.
Knutsen had a special quilt made by Erica Rath, one of the parents of Bethel 12. Knutson chose to do a T-shirt quilt to be different. Each shirt was from a different year representing jobie spirit. Throughout the year, she sold raffle tickets to raise money. The raffle drawling was held in June 2018 at the South Dakota Grand Session of Job’s Daughters International in Huron, SD.
On September 23, 2018, Knutson presented $255.00 that was raised through the ticket sales to CHIP chairman, Mike Rodman, PGM and West River CHIP Coordinator, Jack Welker, PGM.
Members of Olive Branch #47 of Sturgis chose to match the money raised and is challenging all the Lodges across the state to do the same.
The SDCHIP program is so important to Knutson that her senior project is to be more involved and help the Masons of South Dakota raise awareness of the Child Identification Program. She facilitated the coordination of a CHIP event at the Whitewood Elementary school already and is planning another event this spring. While hosting the event at the Whitewood Elementary school, 23 children completed the program.


Upcoming Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America

The Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America will be held February 16-19, at the Best Western Ramkota Convention Center in Rapid City. Here is a link to the Agenda. Also, see this letter that explains the registration process.


Brother Fuller Awarded 50-Year Pin

At the District #17 Meeting held at Spearfish Lodge #18, Spearfish, dinner was prepared and served by Queen City #89 Eastern Star. Brother Peter Fuller of Golden Star Lodge #9 in Lead was awarded his 50-Year Pin by Harold Walker, District Master of District #17 of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota.


Brother Melrose Awarded 60-Year Pin

Brother Allen Meirose was presented with his 60-Year Award from Arcania Lodge #97 in Armour. The presentation took place at the stated communication of Fort Madison Lodge #13 in Fort Madison, Iowa, on December 13, 2018. Brother Meirose lives and attends lodge in Fort Madison, IA. Pictured left to right: WM Randy Sissel of Fort Madison Lodge #13, Brother Allen Meirose.


Brother Wilson Fêted

Brother Alden Wilson of Mt. Rushmore Lodge #220 in Rapid City was awarded his 60-Year Pin. The presentation took place on November 17, 2018, at the Rapid City Masonic Building’s Thanksgiving dinner. Pictured left to right: WM Brian Cole, Brother Alden Wilson, PM Jeffery VanCuren.



Welcome to the The Grand Lodge office and library are located at the Masonic Center in Sioux Falls.


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How Great is Your Chili?

On the 9th of February, 2019, you will have a chance to compete for”Best Chili.”
Where: Hill City, as Tin City Lodge #112 hosts the 7th Annual Polar Bear Chili Cook-Off to be held outside no matter the weather. There will also be Minnow Races for the kids, being managed by the Boy Scouts.
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Categories: Best White Chili, Best Red Chili, Best Booth Décor, People’s Choice. If you have a good chili of another kind (e.g., Hawaiian Chili), bring it on.
Cost: For competitors, it is $25.00 for the first entry and $15.00 for the second entry. You must decorate your booth. If you wish to come and taste the chili, there will be a $5.00 per person or $20.00 per family charge. You will get to vote on these great chilies.
Now: This is open to the public. Anyone who thinks their chili is ”the best,” come on down. Also, there is a competition between the Masonic Lodges so we need Lodges to compete. There is a Traveling Trophy for the Lodges for Best Chili.
Contact: John Knapp at (605) 209-0696 or Jack Welker at (605) 381-1293 to sign up or ask questions.


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