Latest News

Jeptha Lodge will hold our Oyster Stew & Chili Supper on Tuesday, November 21.  We will begin eating at 6 PM with the regular meeting to follow.
The highlight of the evening will be a 70 Year Mason pin presentation to WB Hobie Cole. 
Now for the ”Something New”.
Several of our Ladies and others have expressed an interest in being present.  We have decided to do the presentation in our lunchroom following the supper and invite anyone interested to join us for supper and stay to watch Hobie receive his honor.
Now, this gives us a new twist in deciding how much food we will need.  So, we are asking that you RSVP this year with how many will be coming with you or your group.  That way we can make sure no one goes home hungry.
Following the meal and presentation, we will have our regular tiled meeting including Masonic Jeopardy.
Non-Mason guests are welcome to stay in the lunchroom. We’ll try to keep the meeting as short as possible.
Thanks Brothers!

Tthe 2017-2018 Lodge of the Year Program was reviewed.
Our 4th and 21st Degree Teams participated in the Yankton Scottish Rite Fall Reunion.
We will confer the E.A. Degree at our November 7 meeting.
Our annual Oyster Stew & Chili Supper is planned for the November 21 meeting.
Education Officer Joe West Shared ”Ideals of a Freemason” by MWB Otto Klotz and we had fun guessing the answers while playing ”Masonic Hangman”.


How Do I Join?

Freemasonry is available to men of good character who believe in a Supreme Being. We are closed to avowed atheists and agnostics. There are no restrictions relating to race, creed, or religion.

To begin, contact a Mason by telephone, by e-mail, or in person. He will be happy to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can.

If you decide that Masonry is right for you, the next step is to request a Petition for Degrees of Masonry, which will ask for some basic information, such as your name, age, occupation, and place of residence.

Your sponsor will present your petition to the Lodge, which will consider your request. When your petition is accepted, you will face a three-step initiation. Each step opens doors to new knowledge and deeper understanding.

These initiation rites are solemn and wholesome, intended to convey basic moral truths and principles of morality that are accepted by good men everywhere: the Golden Rule, tolerance, gratitude to the Almighty for His many blessings, love of and respect for one’s family, charity towards all men, and patriotism. Upon taking part in the the first step, called the Entered Apprentice degree, you will advance to the second degree, known as the Fellowcraft, and, ultimately, raised to the Master Mason degree.