Upcoming 145th Communication of the Grand Lodge

The 145th Communication of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota will be held June 20-22 at the Best Western Ramkota in Sioux Falls.


Pictures from 2019 Conference of Masonic Grand Masters

The 2019 Conference of Masonic Grand Masters was held in Rapid City. Here is a link to five snowy photos.


Living History

Nick and Carolyn Clifford pose with the George Washington Bible at the Mt. Rushmore dinner during the 2019 Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America with Carl Closs, George Washington reenactor in the background. Brother Nick, 97, is the last surviving sculptor of the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. He stated that he was excited to be a part of the CGMMNA conference and gave a few remarks during the dinner. He also commented how honored he was to get to hold the Bible that George Washington took his Masonic oaths on.
During the 75th Masonic Anniversary celebration of the completion of the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Nick said that he was originally hired to work on the Memorial more for his baseball skills than as a carver. He also stated how proud he is to have been a part of the creation of the Shrine of Democracy.

Pierre Lodge #27 Honors Past Masters

Pierre Lodge #27 held their “Honor the Past Masters Night” on March 11 at the Pierre Lodge. A nice roast beef dinner was served at 6:00 p.m. In addition to honoring all Past Masters, the widows were invited to the banquet and were honored with the presentation of the Widow’s Pin. The keynote speaker for the banquet was Kay Livermont, who spoke about the South Dakota Quilt of Valor program. Quilts of Valor were presented to two Past Masters of Pierre Lodge #27 — Matt Schatz and Perry Anderson. Kay Livermont was named “Citizen of the Year” by the Masons of Pierre Lodge #27 and was honored with a beautiful plaque.
Justin Stanek, Master of Pierre Lodge #27, proclaimed Kevin Kumpf proficient in the Master Mason degree.

Dr. Kirk Livermont (Past Master in California); Gerald Johnson, PGM (Past Master of Lily Lodge #62 in Blunt, SD); Perry B. Anderson, Matt Schatz, Darrol Bjerke, Dallas Thompson, Robert Dolezal, Stan Schwellenbach, Steve Walker, Jason Glodt, Chris Kaus, Duane Schmautz and Dr. Nathan Sanderson, all Past Masters of Pierre Lodge #27.

Matt Schatz presented Kay Livermont the “Citizen of the Year” award.

Past Masters Matt Schatz and Perry Anderson were presented with quilts from the South Dakota Quilt of Valor program.


Brother Sieler Honored

The Masonic 60-Year Pin was presented to Brother Ephriam Sieler on March 30 in Rapid City. The ceremony was attended by members of the Grand Lodge line, the Masters of District 16 and 17 and numerous family and friends. Brother Sieler attained the sublime degree of Master Mason February 18, 1959, at Spearfish Lodge #18 and affiliated with Ionic Lodge #83 December 19, 1963, where he served as Master of the Lodge in 1976.

DGM Harold Ireland, Master District #17 Harold Walker, Brother Dave Meltz Civility Ambassador, PGM Yancy Smith, Brother Ep Seiler, Hilda Seiler, Beth Seiler, and GSD Jeff Van Curren


Arcania #97 Honors Brothers

Brothers Charles Thaler and Roland Crisman were presented 60-Year Pins following the regular meeting of Arcania Lodge #97 on March 5.
District #10 Master Larry Hornstra presented the pins. The Brothers were both raised on the same night, December 18, 1958, in Alpha Lodge #139 of Wagner. Both affiliated with Arcania Lodge #97 of Armour in 2012. Roland’s wife Mame pinned on his 60-Year Award. Charles’s son Robert pinned the award on his father.

Bro. Robert Thaler, DM Larry Hornstra, Bro. Charles Thaler, Mame Crisman, Bro. John Crisman (Roland’s son), Bro. Roland Crisman, Pam Bastemeyer (Roland’s daughter)


Brother Rasmussen Honored

Gary R. Rasmussen of Vermillion was honored March 5 by Master Mason Brothers who marked his 50th year in Masonry. Honored with regard, Rasmussen was also presented a 50-Year Pin during a meeting of Incense Lodge #2.
Rasmussen was initiated into Masonry in 1954 at Lancaster Lodge #54 in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was raised to Master Mason in 1968. He moved to Vermillion and entered Incense Lodge #2 in the early 1980s. Over the years he has served in various positions, including Worshipful Master. Today, Gary, two sons, and a grandson all are members of the local lodge in Vermillion.
“I had an uncle who was very special to me who was with the lodge in Lincoln” and inspired Rasmussen to join in the services Masons provide society. “As a Mason, I still enjoy doing a lot of good work.”
Rasmussen and his wife and business partner, Frances, owned and operated the General Motors dealership in Vermillion for 42 years before retiring. Their two sons began their car-washing and snow removal duties in about seventh grade “before we could drive,” according to son Randy Rasmussen, who attended the ceremony.
“I used to think Masonic Brothers who received 50-Year Pins were old, but I don’t think that anymore,” said Gary Rasmussen with a smile.



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