As you may, or may not know, RWB Richard Hagler has moved out of our jurisdiction with his new employment. He searched diligently for a position in-state for over a month, but nothing materialized. He was forced to pursue options in other states and landed employment in Omaha. With a heavy heart, he submitted his resignation from his Grand Lodge position. He will be missed, and we wish him the very best of success.
To replace the vacancy left by RWB Hagler, I have appointed RWB Jason Swindler to the position of Senior Grand Warden for the 2018-2019 Masonic year. RWB Swindler will then stand for election at our next Annual Communication for the position of DGM/GME. Although his path has been accelerated and the learning curve is [difficult], I have no doubt that he will rise to the challenge and perform his duties admirably. Please join me in congratulating him.
DaNiel Wood, Grand Master  


New Office Manager

After an arduous yet fruitful search, I am pleased to announce that Kari Muller has taken the position as the new Office Manager of the Grand Lodge Office in Sioux Falls. She is replacing Gwen Olson who retired at the end of June. Kari has quickly acclimated to the workings of the Grand Lodge Office and we are very pleased to have her on board. If you get an opportunity, please take a minute to introduce yourself.

Thank you!  
Terry Knutson, Grand Treasurer-Secretary  


Gwen Olson Honored

Gwen Olson, Office Manager, was honored for her service to the Grand Lodge of South Dakota at the public opening of the 144th Annual Communication.
Gwen has retired after 4 years of service. The Brethren of South Dakota appreciate her service, and she will be missed. Gwen was presented with a plaque and roses honoring her retirement. She is pictured above with Right Worshipful Brother DaNiel Wood and Most Worshipful Brother Yancey Smith.


2018-19 Grand Lodge Officers

At the 144th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota, the following officers were installed to govern the Craft for the ensuing Masonic year:
DaNiel Wood, Grand Master; Harold Ireland, Deputy Grand Master/Grand Master Elect; Richard Hagler Jr., Senior Grand Warden; Jason Swindler, Junior Grand Warden; Terry Knutson, Grand Treasurer-Secretary; John McKnight, Grand Chaplain; Kendig Bergstresser II, Grand Orator; Bryant Stokes, Grand Marshal; Jeffrey VanCuren, Senior Grand Deacon; Aaron Zahn, Junior Grand Deacon; Dane Bloch, Senior Grand Steward; Stephen Butterfield, Junior Grand Steward; Arlon Gill, Grand Standard Bearer; Roger Hansen, Grand Sword Bearer; David Wheeler, Grand Pursuivant; Justin Stanek, Grand Historian; James Frey, Grand Musician; Ardel Reder, Grand Tyler; Don Humes, Representative for the Grand Master.
Elected to serve the Craft were WB Douglas Papendick, WB Robert Tesch Jr., WB Glendon Rice, and WB Herbert Cook as Trustees, and WB Jason Glodt and WB Scot Mannschreck on the Jurisprudence Committee.

Pictured from left to right, front row: RWB Jason Swindler, JGW; RWB Terry Knutson, GTS; MWB DaNiel Wood, GM; RWB Harold Ireland, DGM/GME; RWB Richard Hagler Jr., SGW. Second Row: WB Stephen Butterfield, JGS; WB James Frey, Grand Musician; Br. Don Humes, Representative for the GM; WB Arlon Gill, Gr. Standard Bearer; WB Aaron Zahn, JGD; WB Dane Bloch, SGS; WB Ardel Reder, Gr. Tyler; WB John McKnight, Gr. Chaplain; WB Roger Hansen, Gr. Sword Bearer; WB Jeffrey VanCuren, SGD; WB Kendig Bergstresser II, Gr. Orator; WB Bryant Stokes, Gr. Marshal; WB Justin Stanek, Gr. Historian. Not pictured: WB David Wheeler, Gr. Pursuivant.


St. John’s Honors Brothers

Brother Walter G Schaefer Sr was honored September 20 at St John’s Lodge #1 by District Master Brad Hazuka for 50 years of Masonry.

Brother Warren H Peterson was honored by District Master Brad Hazuka for 50 years in Masonry.

Brother James R. Williams received his 50-Year Pin from District Master Brad Hazuka.

Brother Dale H Cowman was honored with his 60-Year Pin by District Master Brad Hazuka.


SD Child Identification Program in Parade

The SD Child Identification Program participated in the Labor Day Parade held on September 3 in Buffalo. The program’s float entry was built by Brother Bob Carrico of Cedar Lodge #124 and Brother Mark Millett of Cedar Branch Lodge #179. Their desire to have an entry in the parade provided great exposure for the SD Child ID Program.


SD Child ID Event in Watertown

Watertown’s Concord Lodge #13 held a SD Child ID event on August 7, 2018, at the Wat ertown Police Station as part of the National Night Out Campaign. National Night Out is an annual community-police awareness-raising event. In addition to the SD Child ID event held inside the police station, a variety of vendors were set up outside providing fun and games for the kids. With the help of twelve Brother Masons and eight Lady volunteers, as well as two DeMolay members, 83 children were processed. Additional thanks to Brother Larry Clark of Elk Point Lodge #3 and his Lady for getting things set up.


Brother Richard Phillips Receives 50-Year Pin

Richard Phillips, of Huron Lodge #26, received his 50-Year Pin at the Hi-12 luncheon. There were 12 people in attendance, with Helen performing the pinning ceremony.

Doug Bjorke, Richard and Helen Phillips



Welcome to the The Grand Lodge office and library are located at the Masonic Center in Sioux Falls.


How to Contact Us





Sioux Falls Lodges Unite

The Sioux Falls Lodges have come together under the banner of “Three Lodges — One Brotherhood” for the betterment of our community and Masonry in Sioux Falls. We have created an inter-Lodge Trestle Board in a newsletter format. We have included:
- Short articles from the Worshipful Masters, Senior Wardens, and Junior Wardens
- A column to further Masonic Education
- Featured websites and apps
- Interesting things that have been happening in the Lodges and appendant bodies
- A page for spotlighting great events and amazing Brothers
-A calendar of events
- Ways that Brothers can get involved with inter-Lodge committees.
Those committees are:
-Good Works and Outreach Committee, in charge of finding opportunities within the community to do good works, to help Masonic widows, and to aid in charitable efforts. It will also work to find opportunities to reach out to the community and get Freemasonry noticed again.
- Masonic Education Committee, charged with keeping the Brothers tools from gathering dust. This can be done by coming up with presentations that can be carried out in each Lodge or inviting in speakers on things that may be interesting to the Brothers. This Committee will also help with things like putting together education packets for new Masons.
- Mentoring Committee, charged with helping set up guidelines for vetting potential candidates and finding committed Masons to act as mentors to new brothers. This Committee will find ways to help shepherd new Brothers through their first year of membership.
- Ritualistic Excellence Committee, charged with helping conduct our rituals at the highest levels. It will build degree teams as well as educating those who are interested in having a deeper understanding or our rituals.
- Communication and Technology Committee, charged with helping Brothers stay informed of Masonic happenings around the city, state, and region. It will be in charge of our on-line presence and ensuring that we are communicating with our Brothers.
- Masonic Building Association Committee, in charge of gathering and carrying concerns from the Brothers to the MBA as well as providing consistent and relevant information to the Brothers about the Masonic Center.

What Do You Mean by “Three Lodges — One Brotherhood”?
One of the things all of us have heard around our Lodges is “I wonder what Trinity is doing?” or “When is Minnehaha doing their degree work?” or “Is that guy a part of Unity or another Lodge?” One of the things we hope to accomplish is to bring all the Lodges closer together and start working in concert to have a greater impact on the Sioux Falls community. We feel that we can help make each other better men by finding common purposes and working on them together.
We are encouraging Brothers to try to make it to a Lodge meeting. Make it to your own if you can but if you can’t, stopping by another Lodge’s meeting is OK too. Also, investigate joining a committee (or two or three). There are a lot of opportunities to be involved, even if a Brother can’t make it to a Lodge meeting for whatever reason. Also, check out our new Facebook page: “Sioux Falls Freemasons.”


More News

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