Philip Masonic Rascal Rodeo

The annual Philip Masonic Rascal Rodeo, Saturday, July 29, was geared for fun by contestants and audience alike.
The Philip Roping Arena saw young cowboys and cowgirls of four different age brackets entered in seven different events. Competition began at noon this year.
The goat tying involved older kids on horse back, or younger kids on foot untying a ribbon from the tail of a tethered goat. The younger kids could have an older person lead them through the barrel route. Some events were intentionally geared so those entries did not need to have a horse. Kids could enter any or all of the events.
All the entry fees collected went back to the top winners in each event. As in previous years, the kids seemed to appreciate the other prizes, such as halters, straps, spurs, ropes and hoof knives.
Livestock was provided by local producers and organizations.
Barrel Racing: 6 & under: 1. Charlee Ramsey; 2. Hinsley Harvey; 3. Hatlynn Harvey
7-9 year olds: 1. Weston Reedy; 2. Kammy Reedy; 3. Christopher Lurz
10-12 year olds: 1. Faith Martin; 2. Dymond Lurz
13-14 year olds: 1. Alec Crowser
Flag Race: 7-9 year olds: 1. Tel Gropper; 2. Teagen Gropper
10-12 year olds:  1. Dymond Lurz
Pole Bending: 6 & under: 1. Charlee Ramsey; 2. Hinsley Harvey; 3. Hatlynn Harvey
7-9 year olds: 1. Christopher Lurz, 2. Tel Gropper; 3. Hia Fitzgerald
10-12 year olds: 1. Faith Martin; 2. Dymond Lurz
13-14 year olds: 1. Alex Crowser
Mutton Bustin’: 6 & under:  1. Jordyn Jones; 2. (tie) Camo Kochesberger and Charlee Ramsey
7-9 year olds: 1. Jaydon Martin; 2. Weston Reedy; 3. Layne Martin
Calf riding: 10-12 year olds: 1. Christopher Lurz; 2. Teagan Gropper; 3. Kash Slovek
Steer riding: 1. Eagan Fitzgerald
Goat Tying: Goat ribbon race - 6 & under (without horse): 1. Hatlynn Harvey; 2. Jordyn Jones; 3. Charley Ramsey
Goat ribbon race (without horse) 7-9 year olds: 1. Jaydon Martin
Goat ribbon pulling - girls (with horse): 7-9 year olds: 1. Kammy Reedy
Goat ribbon pulling - boys (with horse): 7-9 year olds: 1. Tel Gropper; 2. Weston Reedy; 3. Christopher Lurz
Goat tying - girls: 10-12 year olds: 1. Fayth Martin


HUNTER Strong Benefit Breakfast

HUNTER Strong! A community-wide fundraiser breakfast, sponsored by the Philip Masonic Lodge #153, was held Saturday, August 26, at the Bad River Senior Citizen’s Center. The menu included pancakes, sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy, coffee and juice. The free will donations were supplemented with $1,500 from the Philip branch of Modern Woodmen. One hundred percent of the proceeds, totaling $4,700, went to the Peterson family. Their teenage son, Hunter, is recovering from extreme leg injuries incurred during an agriculture work-related four-wheel accident on August 13.

From left: Tucker Smith, John Heltzel, Matt Arthur and Brad Kuchenbecker. Photo by Del Bartels



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