144th Annual Communication

News on the 144th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota A.F. & A.M. will be posted as soon as possible.


Masons’ Father/Daughter Dance

Friday, April 27, Masonic Lodge #153 sponsored its second annual, free Father/Daughter Dance, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Philip High School Fine Arts Building. “If you missed it last year you missed out. We had a great time young and older,” said Brother Brad Heltzel. The event was for everyone, whether a Mason or not, and to all ages. Beverages and snacks were provided. The term “father” loosely included uncle, grandfather, brother or other family member. This year’s theme was Circus, with plenty of balloons, spongy clown noses for everyone, gold and red streamers, and a DJ who wouldn’t let you sit out too many dances, whether they were slow, fast, the Flying Dutchman, or a line dance.

Having fun did not mean you had to dance. Clown noses and balloons were part of the circus theme.

This dance team went all out in having fun at the Mason’s annual Father/Daughter Dance.

A father can be her hero, and an example of what his daughter hopes to find in every future dance partner.



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