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  México Watch

 The New York Times: “In Mexico, a Truck Full of Corpses Takes a Mystery Road Trip”

 The New York Times: “Fearing Corruption Inquiry, Former Mexico Party Chief Moves to Block Arrest’”

 The New York Times: “Losing Faith in the State, Some Mexican Towns Quietly Break Away’”

 The New York Times: “In Mexico, ‛It’s Easy to Kill a Journalist’”  Leer en Español

 The New York Times: “Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Activists and Their Families”

 The Guardian: “‛Adiós!’: Mexican Newspaper Norte Closes After Murder of Journalist”

 Mexico News Daily: “Mexico is Third Most Dangerous Country.”

 Mexico News Daily: Mexico Daily News

 The New York Times: Corruption at a Level of Audacity ‛Never Seen in Mexico’

  Upcoming MOOCs

I have resuumed my schedule of MOOCs. They are offered by invitation only; all materials will be provided, and there is no fee to my former students. Previous MOOCs have included:
Agile: Much More Than Marketing
Speed: The Misplaced Virtue
Blockchain, Bitcoin, and the Future of Trust
The No-Nonsense Job Hunt
Cyber War


  What I’m Up To...

This has been a busy year, personally and professionally.
Personally, I caught the incredible To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway, spent almost two weeks in Spain and another week in México, learned that my son and his wife are expecting, finished writing a book of short stories (and another, of essays and poems, will be done in a couple months), spent four glorious days at Tanglewood, finished some remodeling of the house, replaced a fence and a rock wall, and had a personal epiphany that wrecked changed my entire life greatly for the better, saw some Precision Guided Thinkers at the PGT Law Library in Maine, joyfully hosted many guests here at Stately Wayne Manor, attended eight concerts, and unexpectedly reconnected with several old friends.
The books that influenced me the most this year were Moby Dick and Song of the Sky, a book from my childhood that inspired me then and re-inspired me now.
Professionally, I continue to pound away on my research, which has taken me in several unexpected directions. I had to take off a semester to deal with unpleasant extended-family issues, which were resolved to my satisfaction — and to my relief. I suffered a serious shoulder injury, which took 10 months to heal.
In summary, this has been the busiest, most productive, most fulfilling, most rewarding, and most unexpected year of my life. The reason? I have intentionally practiced what I preach. Duh!
I was not pleased with my level of musicianship. I am preparing for another performance in June. Practice, practice, practice.
Heart-felt “thank-yous” to my twin brother Kevin, to my lawyer and friend Albert, to my comrade-in-arms Bob-Bob, and to the Precision Guided Thinkers — and best wishes in Texas, Michael.


  Random Access

The Innovation Project rolls on....
The Emerging Business Paradigm Project, well, not so much. You know, if you ask someone in business why they do something a certain way, they know better than to answer “because we’ve always done it that way,” even when they do it because they’ve always done it that way. Is the world of business really that stupid? If not, where’s the evidence? How much should we blame business programs?

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 Cool Stuff in Wayne’s World...

 Innovation Project

Mission: Integrate innovation into the curriculum. I have been teaching individual creativity and corporate innovation since 2005. Everyone wants it; no one wants to work for it. I can change that.

 Distance Learning Project

Mission: Make distance learning as good as — or better than — one-on-one tutoring, by any pedagogical standard. Am I there yet? No — but I can reliably beat every platform on the market. Want to see how?

 Emerging Business Paradigm

Mission: Re-think business and business education. All you know about business is wrong. All you know about business is right. This apparent paradox drives the Emerging Business Paradigm. Want to know more?

 The Music Project

Mission: Getting this to the stage was going to be easy. Not so much. Whenever I think I’ve made progress, I hear the Precision Guided Thinkers jeering, and it’s da capo al fine.

 Change the World

Mission: Make a real difference. Change the world. A little ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Probably. Completely nuts? I won’t disagree. But if we don’t try, who will?

 The Writing Project

Mission: Thank-you, Donald Kaul, who taught me when to write; Richard Freed, who taught me how to write; Anne Lamott, who taught me why to write, and Tom Wolfe, who taught me not to write.